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Success Stories from Assabet Community Education - Peyton

The truth is, your family influences the choices you make in your life. When you are young you make observations and connections that become the stepping stones of your future.  Peyton is no exception. She often recalled observing her grandparents’ nursing assistants provide care during their visits. She was fascinated by how they knew exactly what to do in any given situation. She realized that her grandparents’ caretakers had a positive impact on all of their lives and she wanted to be able to do the same.

Her aunt, also a nurse, saw this spark of interest in Peyton and so when her aunt saw the Assabet After Dark catalog, she told Peyton that she should enroll in the Fall CNA class. Both her father and sister attended Assabet Valley Technical High School so she was familiar with the school’s reputation and signed up immediately. She knew she wanted to make a change in someone’s life, as her aunt had done for her and so many others.When she started the CNA class, Peyton recognized her aunt’s compassionate energy in Kathy Faddoul, the Assabet After Dark CNA instructor.

“Her teaching approach captured me and confirmed everything I believed about entering the health care profession. Kathy is amazing; she is kind, sweet, and has a positive vibe. Her easy going personality made the 5 hour classes fly by.” – Peyton Gould

Having a teacher as compassionate about her teaching as she is with her patients is what Peyton believes contributed to the overall classroom experience.  It was very clear to Peyton that Kathy loved what she did.

After graduating from the CNA program, Peyton was hired by Marlborough Hospital. In her 2.5 years on the job, Peyton has faced many situations. Certified CNAs are able to work in many different job settings such as nursing homes where the focus is on patient and personal care or in a hospital setting where the focus also involves a wide variety of medical issues.

Even when COVID-19 struck and nurses found themselves needing to provide care in unprecedented situations, Peyton was prepared. On the Granger Floor of the hospital, Peyton joined forces with a strong nursing team that fostered a “we can do it” work ethic. Together, they were able to continue providing quality care despite the ever changing situation. She developed a trusting and caring relationship with the nurses which strengthen her confidence and skills.

Peyton plans to continue her nursing education. She hopes to make a difference for others as the strong individuals she has met in her nursing career have done for her. She has no doubt that her aunt, the nurses she works with, and her instructor have brought out the very best version of herself.

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