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Assabet Community Education Cosmetology Class of 2022

(left to right)
Back Row: Amanda Doucette, Morgan Droogan, Angela Novaes, Makayla Vittori
Front Row: Maggie Brennan, Jacy Watson, Darlyn Castillo Garcia

We celebrate our Cosmetology students as they start their new career and at the same time manage work life balance, family obligations, and the challenges of a world pandemic.

Jacy Watson, Instructor

Thirty-four years ago, I was a Cosmetology student in this same Assabet classroom.  I was deeply inspired by my teachers and remember thinking “Someday I want to be them”. Someday is now.  Assabet changed the course of my life. This program afforded me the skills and confidence to have a very full and diverse career in the cosmetology field, and to now have the opportunity to become part of the Assabet family and share all that this school has given me; well… it’s everything.

Amanda Doucette

After my college closed for the second time, I decided to make a career change from Forensic Psychology to Cosmetology. I was working in the Cosmetology field for years and realized that I can do anything that I set my mind to.

Angela Novaes

I fell in love with Cosmetology by following professionals that I admired. I have learned that I am very determined to become a Cosmetologist despite any language or age barriers I face. If you focus on your goal, you can achieve it.

Darlyn Castillo Garcia

I chose the Cosmetology program at Assabet because I knew that they would help be achieve my goals of owning my own salon. There is so much to learn, it is more than cutting hair and applying make-up.

Maggie Brennan

I enjoy taking care of my hair, face and nails. When others noticed, I realized that Cosmetology was something that I was good at. Being in this program has given me confidence to be more open, make new friends and practice skills that bring me joy.

Makayla Vittori

Ever since middle school I have been interested in hair styling. I believe it is a great way to express yourself and I want to help others be able to do that as well.

Morgan Droogan

I love making people comfortable and confident in their own skin. My goal is to become an independent stylist and own a salon where clients can be themselves. The most important thing to me is helping others express themselves.

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