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Liniker Goncalves Assabet Community Education Electrician Training Program Graduate

How do you decide what you are going to do when you grow up? Well, if you grow up in a family of tradesmen, you might just stay in the trades. The trades offer opportunities to work with your hands, your head, and your heart – a winning formula!

Liniker’s father, a carpenter and his cousin, an electrician, were his mentors as he started his journey. He worked with his father at the early age of 14 only to discover that carpentry was not his passion. So his father arranged to have him work as an electrical apprentice for a friend.

By the age of 18, Liniker had already earned his 8000 on the job hours and headed for the classroom to earn his 600 electrical code hours. By 20, he was a Licensed Journeyman. After a year of working under a Master Electrician, he decided he wanted his own company and took the Master Electrician class at Assabet After Dark where he met Derek Niemi, our Master Electrician instructor. He was well trained and passed his Master License exam on the first try.

In the classroom, Derek shared his life and work experiences with his students which made the class more memorable and established a professional connection between him and his students. In the field, Liniker learned that sometimes reality does not match the blueprint and you have to make it work so it helps to have a mentor to brainstorm and offer possible solutions.

Liniker is the Owner/President of L & G Electricians in Marlborough and has hired several friends who are Licensed Journeyman and apprentices. He is building a sustainable company and knows that it doesn’t matter how many times you fall; it is how many times you get up.

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